North West Lancashire Chamber




    Membership of the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce is open to any business, irrespective of size. Our 1,600 members provide well over half the private sector jobs in the area.

    North and Western Lancashire is a thriving, vibrant and dynamic location for businesses to prosper. The Chamber of Commerce is an important part of the regional business community because of its strong membership base and range of services it offers. This makes the Chamber the most effective independent business support organisation in the region.

    The North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce provides business information, business networking, training, seminars, a wide range of business services, international trade services, business information tools, legal advice and HR services.

    Through this app you can keep a log of your business expenses, which you can email to yourself or to your accountant as often as you need to. You can also contact other members, keep up with latest events and follow our take on the latest news. You can also contact the chamber and learn more about the services we offer.