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    NetProfitQuest provides SMEs and other corporations with alternative marketing channels, to increase profits without increasing marketing budgets.

    This app is created for entrepreneurs, business owners, start ups and aspiring entrepreneurs to share, discuss and support each other's endeavors. It is an app for SMEs to share opportunities. It is non-personality centered. This is a strictly an app for givers.

    There will be four possible categories of interests:-
    1) People interested in doing business with SMEs
    2) People interested to buy SMEs products or services
    3) SMEs interested in business networking
    4) SMEs interested in offering products or services to people

    This app makes it easy to stay connected and share information with business friends in real time. Fun and interactive features include:
    - Social network
    - Places
    - Events
    - News
    - Video
    - Music
    - SME Offers!

    We would really like to create a community that can help connect SMEs. The number of successful connections between businesses will of course depends on the number of downloads of this app.

    So please help us spread the word and ask your friends to download this app!

    Find out more about us at

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