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    OnRelay Office Phone is a mobile office phone service. It is a turn-key, cloud based, cellular business phone system - accessible from your smartphone over any cellular network.

    OnRelay's Office Phone app lets you manage both your office calls and your regular mobile calls from your smartphone. You can seamlessly place and receive calls using either your office number or your personal cell number, switching from one to the other effortlessly.

    Offering a 7 day free trial for up to 2 users, the Office Phone service may be purchased via Google Play's in-app subscription mechanism or directly from OnRelay's or partners' web sites. The costs cover software licenses, service hosting, a direct office number including all domestic minutes. You get new office numbers for all your users, or you can port your existing numbers.

    OnRelay's 'Mobile User' is a smartphone-only user extension managed from your Office Phone app.

    You must have at least one Mobile User, and can purchase Mobile User licenses for your colleagues as well via in-app subscriptions. After a 'New Customer' in-app purchase, you will receive a license key your colleagues can use to add themselves to the service as 'New User'.

    In addition, you can order a 'Mainline' license for your company main number. This number has an auto-attendant pre-configured with options for Operator, Sales and Customer Services call groups. It also has a an email integrated voice mail box.

    Your users can at any time select which call groups they are currently joined via their Main Line setting.

    A Fax-to-email option can be ordered as well.

    The Office Phone service is fully auto-provisioned. So you can place and receive calls with your new office number within a few minutes of installing the Office Phone app.

    As a cellular-centric solution, OnRelay works over any cellular carrier and does not rely on a broadband Internet connection or VoIP over 3G. It does not tie your business to any specific cellular carrier, and no premises integration is required.

    OnRelay's Office Phone includes a wide range of business telephony features that combines to a powerful Mobile Office Phone service:

    -- New direct office number for all your users that can be managed independently from the existing cell number

    -- Mainline number with call menu pre-configured with Operator, Sales and Customer Service groups

    -- Easy access for all users to join and leave call groups at any time

    -- Office vs. mobile call separation for both outbound and inbound calls

    -- Transfer incoming calls to colleagues

    -- Extension dialling using internal dial plan (last 3 digits of public DID number), with auto detection of internal numbers

    -- Setup add-hoc conferences with flexible add, and drop participant feature

    -- Correct caller ID & caller name also for calls routed via the new office line

    -- Display of called number or call group if different from direct number

    -- Online directory with presence integration showing availability, busy line status and internal numbers of all colleagues

    -- Easy control of incoming business call routing including ring mobile only, do not disturb and forward settings

    -- Mobile app auto-provisioning and self configuration

    -- Single integrated voice mail system for both business and personal calls

    -- Visual voice mail seamlessly integrated with missed call log that separately identifies personal and business calls

    -- Automatically generated company voice mail prompts

    -- Web Console that allows users to manage their personal auto-attendant, voice messages, advanced forwarding etc.

    -- Indications whether incoming and outgoing calls are business or personal calls

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