Oomsys Expo and events guide




    OOMSYS Developed an White paper Android Mobile application for Exibition and Event Organizer and guide which has an unlimitted dynamic solution towards exibitors or event hosters.

    This solution data will be hosted in the exibitors or event hostes website and the apps will act as a offline and stand allown solution. Ones the data from the websites updated or downloaded to the mobile the apps will guide and organize the viewers and exibitors in a easy manner.

    This mobile application provide the bellow solution to a viewer and exibitors:

    • Exibitors list by domain which can selected by domain or category, search company by name.
    • Exibitors eCards which help to Find the exbitors complete details in the mobile apps including the website, contact the company, exibition stand and many more.
    • The exibition stand guide will allow the views to find and guide through Floor plans which will tell the views to go to the Building, Floor of the building and then the plan of the floor.
    • Views can filter the exibitors by key words and events can be filtered with all possible keys.

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