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    OpenPeak ADAM is a downloadable application and web-based management portal that allows you to create separate “personal” and “work” containers on a wide variety of smartphones and tablets. Once installed you can push and remove apps, set policies for passwords, configure VPNs, define user policies, and lock and wipe a devices remotely. ADAM may be cloud-hosted or provided via a secure on-premise server.

    ADAM comprises three separate components: SANCTION, SECTOR, and OPENSHOP. Each component is described further below and may be enabled individually to complement pre-existing device and network management configurations, or together as a complete end-to-end Device, Application, and Profile Management solution. The entire platform and each of its individual components are managed by an easy-to-use ADAM Administrator web portal that allows simple control of all devices, applications and policies for IT administrators, while retaining personal settings for individual end-users.

    SANCTION Device Management allows enterprises and service providers to provision and fully manage customer’s mobile devices and applications while providing policy and security controls via the OpenPeak ADAM Administrator web portal.

    SECTOR Virtual Workspace is a powerful application designed for the 'bring-your-own-device' environment. SECTOR separates “work” and “personal” profiles for company-approved applications on individual-liable devices.

    OPENSHOP Application Management is a secure enterprise application store offered as part of the OpenPeak ADAM suite of services. OpenShop brings together developers, enterprises and service providers in a secure and customizable marketplace.

    During the installation process, ADAM will automatically download all the software you need to enable use of the SANCTION, SECTOR, and OPENSHOP features described below. You may need to click "Settings -> Applications" and check the "Unknown Sources" box to enable the installation to proceed. Please email us at if you have any questions.

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