Shifts Scheduling and Workforce Management application for managers and employees all over the world. The leading cloud system that integrates advanced business intelligence and insights on interactions.

    Otipo shifts scheduling is suitable for employees in almost all industries - call centers, restaurant and catering (waiting), services, hotels and more.

    Otipo supports - replacement (swap) of shifts, workforce management and now advanced labor law rules and dynamic reports of actual working hours vs planned hours.

    Use case -
    Manager - register the web site and adds staff in several minutes - Free
    Employee - logs inside the app or website, selects the availability for next week, message to others
    Manager - all requests managed automatically - creates and publish schedule for next week/month based on employees requests, and labor law rules in minutes
    Employee can then notify for replacing shifts via Text/SMS + mobile app + Emails, and be sure that the scheduling of the published shifts are the ideal for them
    Managers can communicate and send All type of messages to employees using Otipo

    The is fully enabled mobile browsing that supports and completes the app
    For a limited time - 60 days Free of charge – Download it now to get to a new world of easy working :)

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