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    The Paladin Soil Fumigant Calculator is a tool for soil fumigant applicators and growers to quickly calculate buffer zone distance and flow meter rate settings for applications of Paladin soil fumigant in the United States.

    Use the Paladin Soil Fumigant Calculator to:

    • Calculate the buffer zone in feet according to your application block size for Paladin, Paladin PIC-21 or Paladin EC soil fumigants
    • Calculate the flow meter rate setting for application of Paladin or Paladin PIC-21 soil fumigants
    • Review the buffer zone chart from product labels on-the-go
    • Log dates when conducting soil fumigant applications by field name
    • Download soil fumigant product labels for Paladin, Paladin PIC-21 and Paladin EC soil fumigants
    • Access emergency contact information for North America including Arkema’s Paladin soil fumigant responsible care team, CHEMTREC Communications Center and Rocky Mountain Poison Center
    • Visit the Paladin soil fumigant website for more information
    • Contact Arkema’s Paladin soil fumigant team with your questions

    Paladin is a soil fumigant for control or suppression of weeds, soil-borne plant pathogens and nematodes in soils to be planted with vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants), cucurbit crops (cucumber, squash and melons), strawberries, blueberries, field-grown ornamentals and forestry nursery stock where a plastic tarp is used for fumigation. Paladin soil fumigant is a restricted-use pesticide. Always refer to and follow the federal label requirements for crops, specific use rates and application directions.

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