PLANfast is a handy way to access Forrest Consulting's Strategic Business Leader™ service and our proven Fast Track Strategic Planning System™. You can get planning guidance from our Strategic Thinking & Strategic Action blog, read about how we are helping clients benefit from effective planning and implementation, view videos on planning topics, access our website for information about how our services help clients achieve more, connect with us on Twitter and contact us directly. At Forrest Consulting, our mission is to make effective strategic planning accessible for any organization. We focus on what's important: Vision, Gaps, Strategies and Action Steps to close the Gaps, implementation, staying on track, re-planning. Our tested three-session process uses your team's knowledge and insight to create your plan and assure successful implementation. It's simple, efficient: No time wasted. The best way to plan is to get one-on-one, face-to-face facilitation from a Strategic Business Leader expert consultant. Tailored sessions using our tested systems and tools will assure an inspiring Vision, actionable plan and more, and follow-up sessions will assure your organization improves dramatically.