Poultry Feed Formulation

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    Poultry Feed Formulation MS Excel Software

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    # Broiler Feed Formulation#
    >> Ration : starter, Grower, Finisher 1 and Finisher 2

    # Layer Feed Formulation #
    >>Ration: starter, Grower, Developer, Prelay or Peak, Layer 1 and Layer 2

    >>>> !! ration can be added as well removed changed as per Need !!>>>>


    >>>>Auto Calculate the Below Nutrient Values from entered formula >>>>
    C.Protein %
    ME Mcal/Kg
    C.Fibre %
    Lysine %
    Methionine %
    Cystine %
    MET+CYS %
    Arginine %
    Histidine %
    Leucine %
    Isoleucine %
    P.Alanine+Tyrosine %
    Threonine %
    Tryoptophan %
    Valine %
    Serine %
    Calcium %
    T.Posphorus %
    A.Phosporus %
    Chloride g/kg
    Sodium g/kg
    Potassium g/kg

    ===========Raw Materials===========
    34 ingredient added with there nutritive values
    Broken Rice
    MCP(mono Calcium Phosphate)
    Rice .Polish
    DORB(Deoiled Rice Bran)
    Sun flower meal
    De-oiled Groundnut meal
    Mechanical Extracted Soybean meal
    Rapeseed meal
    Calcite/lime flour/lime stone powder
    Di calcium phosphate
    Fish meal(60%)
    Fish meal Salted
    Meat & Bone meal
    Veg Oil
    Maize gluten meal
    NSP Enzyme
    Full fat soybean
    Wheat bran
    Til cake
    vit & TM premix
    Rice Gluten
    Solvent Extracted SOYA,
    Allow to add ingredient and change the nutritive value as per Need

    >>>>>>>>Cost calculation<<<<<<<<<
    Per MT , Per Kg and Per Bag(50 Kg)

    ======= Feed supplements========
    21 added Can be added and changed as per Breed Requirement ( Refer the breed user guide for minor change)
    Vitamin A (IU)
    Vitamin D3 (IU)
    Vitamin E (mg)
    Vitamin K3 (mg)
    Vitamin B1 (mg)
    Vitamin B2 (mg)
    Vitamin B6 (mg)
    Vitamin B12 (mg)
    Niacin (mg)
    Pantothenic Acid (mg)
    Folic Acid (mg)
    Biotin (mg)
    Selenium (mg)
    Manganese (mg)
    Iron (mg)
    Iodine (mg)
    Zinc (mg)
    Copper (mg)
    Cobalt (mg)
    Sodium (mg)
    Carophyll yellow (mg)
    Carophyll Red (mg)
    Choline (mg)
    Antioxident (mg)
    Toxin Binder (mg)

    >> Its allow you to complete feed formulation in few seconds

    >>Easy to Operate and Understand

    >>Its allow user to Edit Data ,save or email file or Print

    >> Print Tab you can print the Out put Formulation and there nutritive Value

    >> If you enter a formulation wrong and nutrient specs are not in range of breed requirement it will highlight the cell color in red

    >>Breed Minimum and Maximum requirement Can be edited.( refer Breed user guide to set the Standard Nutrient Requirement of Breed)

    >>Allow to Edit raw material and Supplement Prices

    >> ' How to Use ' Tab shows in Software File gives Guidelines to understand .

    >> Allows File to ' save' On SD Card ,Email, ' save as' to use on other Devices Like PC,ipad,iphone,Desktop,tablet,mobile phone.

    >> Download Kingsoft Office Free edition or other MS explorer software for proper working of this software files.

    >> Unofficial Circulation Is strictly Prohibited.

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