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    A must for Amazon Merchants who want to access Seller Central from their cellphone!

    In this version you can:
    - see how many units you sold today
    - review all orders
    - check your inventory
    - add new products
    - modify product description / price / etc
    - ship orders

    and so much more!

    Why does this application exist? Because if you are a merchant and you want to use cellphone instead of PC, then your choices are:

    Choice #1: use a browser on your softphone to access Amazon Seller Central, give up and use PC
    Choice #2: use PAID third party application that forces you go through THEIR server to access Amazon

    I do not want to share my username, password, or information about what I sell and how I with third parties. Amazon, in a way, is my livelihood, and I thus take great care to keep it close to me.I assume anyone else who sells on Amazon feels the same way.

    This application is free, and connects you directly to Amazon MWS without any proxies.

    Absolutely Free No Strings Attached
    While Amazon is a great platform, price parity, price competition, A-to-Z guarantee and 15% plus Amazon fee leave little room for additional expenses. If there is an expense, it should be on me, by me!

    Product Designed for Me
    Amazon is a good start, but it is a platform to build on. I want to have ability to add what I need to make it work for me. No limitations and no restrictions.

    Key Features
    - Your own products browsing
    - Orders browsing
    - Amazon products search
    - Scanning products' bar-codes and searching by them in Amazon
    - Sales graphics

    Setup Instructions are

    Additional notes:

    - can you trust us with your password? No and we do not ask for one. You provide this app with the encrypted string that Amazon creates just for apps as ours, so we do not know it
    - data is sent directly from your phone to Amazon, so unlike other products, there is no third-party developer server in between: just you, your carrier, and Amazon.
    - do we collect any data? If app crashes, log file is written to your Android device. It is placed here: [root-of-sd-card]\PowderCrashLog\Crash log.txt It is up to you to send it to us if you need our help
    - can our app somehow take money from your account and deposit somewhere else? No.

    Having said that, here is what you should be wary of:
    - this is our first version we use for our own company, so sometimes it can crash
    - for now, we do not support inventories in thousands of items: Amazon throttles us
    - functionality is mainly built around our needs. We are adding new features based on user input

    Overall, we are hoping that by letting others use this app and talking about new features, we will improve our Amazon practices as well get a chance to do something else other than packing, shipping, and replying to irate clients :)

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