POWER EGG Reminder




    “POWER EGG Reminder” is the reminding application which notifies about the new information in POWER EGG. In addition, by clicking the new message of POWER EGG and moreover by single signing onto POWER EGG Smartphone site, the viewing, updating and approving are possible.

     Correspondence version of POWER EGG:
    - “POWER EGG 2.0” Ver2.3 and later
     Main functions of POWER EGG:
    - Notification of new messages.
    - Displaying of new messages.
    - Single sign-on from new messages to the Smartphone site.
    - Setup (Selecting of new notice targeted messages).
     About the setup:
    In order to use POWER EGG Reminder, it is necessary to set up the URL of POWER EGG.
    Please contact the POWER EGG system administrator for the details of the setting.
     About the license agreement:
    Our application becomes a part of the “POWER EGG” product.
    For the software license agreement, please refer to the “Software license agreement document” attached in “POWER EGG”.

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