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    Published: 2014-01-13, by Janel.

    Bill tabulator, splitter, and record keeper for professional restaurants

    • Splitting feature alone is a godsend
    • Slick, professional design
    • Totally customizable
    • Keeps track of sales over time
    • I wasn't able to find where to enter an email address
    • Should be able to go back and edit orders

    "Extra mayo, and hold the pickles please"

    Keeping copious track of sales is crucial to the success of small businesses, and nowhere does that show more than in restaurants. Atech-mobile's Pozool POS (Point of Sales) system is a lightweight yet professional solution to keeping all those notes in one place, with some added functionality that makes this shockingly free app a cut far above the rest.

    The keyword is "intuitive." Don't waste resources training front house staff on expensive and complex software. Having them play with the Poxool POS app for just a few minutes is enough to get started tracking what your customers are asking for, organizing and controlling the entire process from ordering to payment.

    Customize the menus to match what's for sale in your establishment. When your front house staff takes orders, all they have to do is tap items as clients order them to generate tabs. The app keeps a running total, and will add tax and/or discounts if you choose. When the time comes to pay, the app will do all the calculations of splitting up the tab for you, either into even segments or by percentage. From there, it's one tap to send the completed, personalized check to the printer (or to an email account).

    The app keeps track of sales over time in a series of graphs, so you can easily find out what are your best and worst performers.

    One snag for me was not being able to find a place to enter an email address. It might be buried somewhere deep in the settings menu, but I hunted quite a while for it and turned up nothing - it should be easier to find. Being able to go back and edit orders - for example, if a table orders another round - would also be an excellent added feature.

    Atech-mobile's Pozool POS app has room to grow, but even as it is, it should prove an enormous help for small businesses looking to get organized. I can't believe it's free.

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    Janel Appszoom logo

    by Janel , Appszoom

    Jan 13, 2014


    Pozool Point of sale (POS) is a free, fast and light touch-screen solution designed for restaurants, bars, or coffee shops. Pozool POS system has incredible easy-to-use interfaces. Our mission is that you find an affordable way to help organize and control your business. Our point of sale is an excellent choice for new bars, coffee shops and restaurants as an alternative to buying an expensive cashier system or software. Use our preload data to test this POS right away.

    Pozool is designed with the mission to create easy-to-use screens. We care that your front of house staff has a fast interaction with your clients. It has the following features:

    Easy to use:
    •Take your order just with taps. No typing and no hassling with complicated configuration to personalize.
    •Edit order feature allows you edit the order after it has been placed.
    •POS/Pozool has great and easy to use screens.

    Customizable for your business:
    •It is easy to enter your dishes, drinks, snacks, and desserts with our highly customizable design.
    •English and Spanish version
    •Change and personalize your currency.
    •Image module: allows you to upload photos of your items in order to more easily describe them to your customers and to save time during ordering.
    •Kitchen module: allows you to print the order directly to a kitchen printer to increase your business’s efficiency.
    •Tipping module: allows you to set the tipping policy to be recorded in your sales history.
    •Tax module: allows you to set the tax calculation for payments. Includes the capability of entering selective taxes to apply taxes based on what is being ordered.
    •Discount module: allows you to set standard discounts that are frequently used, selective discounts based on your specials of the day or week customized to your business.
    •Enable or disable features to fit your needs.

    Satisfy your customers
    •Take notes for your items in the order; this way the kitchen knows to hold the tomatoes.
    •Split the bills with our interactive interface. It has never been easier to split bills in any tablet POS.
    •Your staff will be able to more efficiently take orders decreasing the time it takes for your customers to receive their order

    Printing options:
    •Email and print options for delivering invoices, and receipts.
    •POS/ESC printing (Test it on Apex3)
    •Print directly to your kitchen. Now you can print your orders directly to your kitchen. (Test on Epson TM-T20)
    •Print your invoices in a thermal printer.
    •More printing options with Google Cloud printing integration.

    Understand your sales:
    •There is an amazing suite of reports. Control your expenses with reports that show your sales to business indicators.
    •Reports are graphically interfaced so you can see at a glance how your business is doing.
    •Filter reports by date, by top item, or by best sales time. Quickly know what time of day your business is most profitable or what dish is currently a customer favorite.

    Secure your data:
    •100% Free POS; there are no ads.
    •Your information is stored locally in your android tablet.
    •We do not require you to create an account. You are one tap away from the best point of sale experience in the android play store.

    Support for our users:
    •Great support. Contact us with no obligation if you have any questions, problems or suggestions for our POS.
    •If you experience errors, we can help fix any bugs you encounter
    •Free software upgrades.
    •And we are improving our point of sale for bar and/or restaurants experience with each release!

    Requirements for Pozool:
    * We require Bluetooth permission in order to connect to a POS thermal printer.
    * Use our preload data to test this POS right away. It is in in our welcome screen. Then in the application setting you can clear all the data when you are ready to customize it to your needs.
    * We use INTERNET permission to get stats of usage, which you can always opt out in settings.

    Any suggestions in how to improve it, requesting new features, submitting errors will be appreciated it.

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