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    Quick BI leverages the data you already have access to by enabling you to easily aggregate and chart it - all from your mobile device. Dashboards/analytics at your fingertips.

    Google Docs, Salesforce, Excel workbooks and CSV data are all supported. (Excel workbooks and CSV data as email attachments). And stay tuned - support for additional data sources is coming.

    You don't have to convert your data or commit to some other BI server infrastructure. It's just your existing data and Quick BI running on your mobile device.

    It's your data and it stays your data. It will only ever reside on your data sources and on your mobile device. No intermediate servers are ever involved.

    No sign up. We will not even know who you are. This means no sales calls or emails. (Although please contact us at if you have any questions or suggestions.)

    You only need to configure your data source(s) and go. For both Google Docs and email, only your user email address and password are required. (For email, your email server settings can often be determined automatically.) For Salesforce, your user email address, password and security token are required. (Salesforce can send the security token to you if you do not have it already.)

    It costs nothing and there are no ads!

    In the near future we will be adding an iPhone/iPad version, drill down and more data sources.

    We take your tabular data from the configured data sources and try to make the best sense of it. There should be one header row that describes each column and any subsequent rows are considered data rows. The data in each column is examined to determine if it is a dimension column (typically text) or a measure column (typically numeric).

    Dimension columns are those columns that are descriptive and you can group by (aggregate on). Examples might be Name, Description, Product Code, Sales Rep, etc.

    Measure columns are those columns that mathematical functions can be performed on. Examples might be Quantity, Profit, Cost, Number of Employees, etc.

    Google Docs, Salesforce and Excel are trademarks of Google, Inc.,, Inc. and Microsoft Corporation respectively.

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