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    Design your own house front!

    With the quick-mix House Designer you can easily design your own house front. Regardless of facing brick or plaster coating finish, the choice lays on your hands.

    Facing brick facades
    The optic of a facing brick facade is determined through the interaction between the facing brick and the joint mortar. Different facing bricks and diverse joint mortar colors give you many combination possibilities for the perfect house front.
    To help the decision making, the choiced color combination (facing brick/joint mortar) is visualized on 4 different house types.

    Plaster coat facades
    The house front is also an expression of your personal style. The impact of the facing surface is primarily determined from the color and the structure of the plaster coat finish used. These features influence the appearance of the building and our view of things.

    Just like music, colors are also full of emotions and effects. They are vital and part of our day-to-day life. Regardless of discrete pastel tones or expressive strong colors: with the quick-mix color collection “Music for the Eyes” you always hit the correct tone.

    Design your personal house front. Define the color for walls, roof and pedestal. Special accents can be done by coloring the window bandages.

    To help the decision making, you can visualize your choiced color combination on 3 different house types.

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