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    Recession Survival

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    Discover the Secret to Weathering a Recession and Walking Away with Your Bank Account, Your Retirement Fund, Your Investments and Your Pride!

    Business magnates understand that economic recession, a time when consumer spending is going to decrease for one reason or another and have a negative impact on the life and health of their company, is a necessary stage of life.

    From the moment they step into their corner office they’re carefully grooming and preparing the company for the moment when recession is going to rear its unattractive head and take a bite out of their profits.

    Those of us who haven’t finished our MBA usually aren’t that well informed.

    Without being aware of the necessity and the inevitability of an economic recession, most of us don’t realize that sooner or later recession is going to happen, and it’s going to impact all of our lives.

    We’ve been lulled into complacency by the constant boom and growth of the American economy, and we’re so focused on finding instant gratification for our desires that we don’t see when recession starts to creep up until it is far too late.

    Here are the chapters included inside the book:

    ★ Introduction
    ★ Part 1: Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Economic Recessions
    ★ The Year of Jubilee
    ★ The Difference between Letting Yourself Thrive…
    ★ Real Estate
    ★ What to Look for When You’re Buying Real Estate
    ★ Stock Market Investments
    ★ Part 2: And Just Getting By
    ★ Recession Proofing Your Job
    ★ Offer Suggestions on Ways to Save the Company Money
    ★ Keep Your Skills Up to Date
    ★ If You Do Get Laid Off
    ★ Keeping Your Business Floating Until the Flood Waters are Gone
    ★ How Low Can You Go?
    ★ Keep Your Business Macro
    ★ Open Yourself Up to the Possibility of an International Market
    ★ Part 3: A Virtual Treasure Trove-The Other Hidden Benefits of Recession
    ★ Riding in Style has Never Been So Easy
    ★ You can Find Anything Secondhand-Cheap
    ★ The Bottom Line

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