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    Each time a Company Profile is downloaded (and possibly printed) from the official Chamber archives, the system automatically labels and stores an equivalent digital image: each Company Profile is therefore a single document, a picture of a company taken at the exact moment of its request.
    The QR Code, on the first page of each Company Profile, is the identification code associated univocally with "that one" Company Profile.
    "RI QR Code" is a free application released from the Italian Chambers of Commerce: through the QR Code, it allows mobile access to the digital copy of the document, as a further guarantee of official nature and authenticity.
    Through this application anyone can verify the matching between a Company Profile and the corresponding one stored by the Business Register at the time of its request.
    If the QR Code has no origin and no correspondence with a Chamber document, the app will notify the user.

    For legal notices, conditions for use and for more information see

    Key Features (Free):
    - verification of company data
    - recovery of the archived document
    - geolocation of the company on the maps
    - document sharing
    - notification of any changes in the original document

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