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    Rover North Forex System Made 122.11% In 1 Month Live Trading Round Of The Surefire Trading Challenge! Rover North Forex System was the official winner of the Surefire Trading Challenge V3 Competition. #1 In The Forex Trading Competition! They’ve just taken the most amazing new manual trading system on the planet and AUTOMATED IT! RN-TAV2 – The Rover North Trade Assistant V2.0! What does it do and how does it do it? Very, very simple. It has the rules of the system coded in to it and monitors the charts for a setup. When it finds one… you can execute or decline the trade with ONE CLICK!

    Who would have thought that an ordinary trader could conquer one of the greatest trading competitions of all time? A Graphic Designer beats 1290 other trader with her Rover North Forex System. A few minutes from now, you could be one of the 10% of traders that succeed in this business. You will discover…

    - How to Get The #1 Forex Trading System – on the house!

    - How to get EXCLUSIVE top secret custom indicators for MT4!

    - Plus, how to get one of the top trading systems of the last competition – also on the house!

    This is the story of how an average guy created one of the best trading systems in the world and beat the pants off 1290 other traders from around the world. This trader not only beat 1290 other competitors in one of the biggest trading competitions, he also DOUBLED a Real Money Live Account in under 30 days. His trading system is so simple, it will take you about 20 minutes to learn it. Mark McRae and the organizers of the Surefire Trading Challenge invited traders from every skill level and from every corner of the world to take part, and you know what, he beat them all. They took the top 20 traders from the demo round of the competition and gave them all $1,000 each to trade live – once again, he totally cleaned up.

    Want more good news? If you head over to the Rover North Forex System right now, you will find out how you can get a copy of the champion’s system, plus one of the top traders systems of the competition. That’s not all, you will be pleasantly surprised by what you will learn there. How did this trader beat 1290 other traders? No other trading competition can boast of the unprecedented loyalty of the people who follow the competition that has proven that this concept works.

    This is what Mark McRae says about his Rover North Forex System: “This is a very nice manual trading system with a trader assistant EA. Rover North is the nickname of the person who won our last trading competition beating 1290 other traders. As he basically traded live for two months with everyone watching, there is loads of proof…”

    You can download the Rover North Forex System plus the JVDWesthuizen Forex System that almost beat the Rover North System RISK FREE for 60 days and test it on your demo account. Good Luck!

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