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    Salary Search allows you to understand pay for a given career, and also shows you how this pay varies across the United States. Whether you are trying to understand if your pay is competitive, looking to move and want to understand what jobs pay in a new location, or trying to set salaries for your business, Salary Search can provide the key data to answer your questions. With over 30GB of data on our servers, we can provide detailed information for nearly every major occupation in nearly every area of the United States.

    You can use Salary Search to find pay information for a specific occupation, or to search by key occupation attributes to find careers that meet specific criteria.

    What are the top paying jobs for people with Masters Degrees? That are growing in size? That are connected to the Green Economy? That are located in New York?

    What are the Top 10 careers for people in Atlanta, by pay? With HS Degrees?

    Salary Search aims to answer these questions -- and much more. Included in the results are the education profiles for each profession, showing the percentage of people with HS, Assoc, Bachelor, Master and PhD levels of education, along with descriptions of the occupations and growth trends.

    Give it a try! You may be amazed at what the data reveals!

    Salary Search is the LITE version of the popular Career Search App (A Top 200 App on iTunes).