Sales Analyzer

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    SALES ANALYZER helps the salesperson to analyze the specific Buying Style of an existing client or a new prospect. Then SALES ANALYZER instructs the salesperson point by point on How To Sell that specific buying style.

    Salespeople will be able to use this App while they are actually out in the field.
    This App is also heavily supported with regular additional help and tips on our website

    When the salesperson revisits the client/prospect, they can call up the previous analysis and be reminded again on how to best sell that specific client/prospect.
    (SALES ANALYZER will store up to 100 client/prospect profiles at any one time)

    SALES ANALYZER is designed to dramatically improve the salesperson’s Selling Skills by helping them to observe characteristics and visual clues that are the telltale signs of specific Buying Styles.

    Download this App if you are committed and are serious about
    developing as a Professional Salesperson.

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