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    Salt mCodeXpress is a convenient mobile-based "second factor" authentication (2FA) method used in conjunction with Echidna to provide an out-of-the-box solution for high assurance authentication of remote users connecting to enterprise networks via VPNs, Citrix gateways or other RADIUS aware access points.

    Salt mCodeXpress generates One Time Passwords (OTP) and Challenge/Response signature codes that are displayed on the Android device.

    Salt mCodeXpress provides a robust cryptographically based, PIN protected and standalone solution that does not require ongoing availability of the mobile network.

    Salt mCodeXpress requires registration with Echidna; please contact Salt Group for more information about Echidna.

    Salt mCodeXpress features include:
    - Operation and features akin to dedicated hardware token except on an Android device.
    - Issuer configurable profiles including PIN length, PIN retry thresholds, weak PINs, token display timeouts, OTP and Response lengths, language support, issuer branding
    - Time and event based OTPs
    - Re-deployable in the field, anywhere in the world
    - Full browser independence
    - Intuitive user interface
    - PIN Precision Technology
    - Challenge/Response generation

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