Signature Creative, Inc. introduces the SCIVU Augmented Reality (AR) Viewer to the Android platform. This innovative new app experience brings content to life in vivid 2D and 3D displays through the power of augmented reality. Simply aim your device’s camera at designated target images and watch as the image or ad comes to life before your very eyes!
    Utilizing the VuforiaTM Software Development Kit, Signature has created an all-in-one AR Viewer which allows the user to access multiple targets and displays through their device’s camera, triggering unique 2D and 3D animations to enhance printed imagery.
    Augmented Reality is a cutting edge technology which is starting to be adapted as a marketing strategy to highlight and enhance brand identity. AR can even direct consumers to specific advertisements, campaigns, content, promotions and games.
    With Signature Creative’s SCIVU AR Viewer, you can:
    •Bring printed imagery to life with enhanced 2D and 3D content
    •Showcase interactive content of Signature’s Work
    •Trigger custom animations
    •Demonstrate the capabilities of Augmented Reality
    Signature Creative Portfolio:
    Signature Creative has included a number of exciting new possibilities with AR. SCIVU will only work with a special demonstration target. To request a demonstration to use the SCIVU AR VIEWER please contact us at

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