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    Scrapbooking For Fun & Money

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    Scrapbooking For Fun & Money app, the ultimate scrapbooking resource guide includes, 3 x eBooks! Audio Podcast! Videos! Photos! Blogs! Shop! News!

    This app has 5 scrapbooking blog feeds with tips and ideas, podcasts and 2 photo albums full of scrapbooking ideas to give you inspiration and motivation. There is also a scrapbooking video channel full of "how to". New videos are added to this channel almost daily, the same can be said for the blog feeds, photo albums, podcasts news feed and wiki, so this app never gets old, the updates happen "live" in real-time every time you open the app.

    The scrapbooking news tab that keeps you updated in the latest in the scrapbooking world. All-up 20 tabs to choose from.

    There are also the best selling and rated scrapbooking products on-line. Buy from the world's largest on-line retailer and save.

    FREE eBooks:

    Starting A Scrapbooking Business
    101 Scrapbooking Tips
    Digital Scrapbooking Made Easy

    This app includes the full e-book "Start A Scrapbooking Business" this book shows you how to turn your hobby into a full time business venture. There are many different ways you can make money scrapbooking, from teaching others to being a supplier.

    This book starts with giving the different options available to you, right through to how to market and set up your business name and how much to charge.

    For easy navigation we have broken the book into 2 sections, Part 1 & Part 2, then each chapter has its own tab, so if you want to go to chapter 19, you do not have to scroll through the whole book to get there.


    Part 1
    1. Introduction
    2. Direct Sales Consultant
    3. Scrapbook Instructor
    4. Event Organizer
    5. Product Designer/Manufacturer
    6. Scrapbook “Expert”
    7. Professional Scrapbook Artist
    8. Scrapbook Retailer
    8.1 Hiring Employees
    8.2 Providing Great Customer Service
    9. Online Retailer
    10. Paper Piecing and E-Bay
    10.1 Creating Piecings That Will Sell
    10.2 Organization
    10.3 Advertising Your Auction
    10.4 Custom Orders
    10.5 Providing Excellent Customer Service
    Part 2
    11. Before You Start
    12. Marketing Your Business
    12.1 Your Website
    12.2 E-zines
    12.3 Blogs
    12.4 Press Releases
    13. Traditional Advertising
    13.1 Newspapers
    13.2 Telephone Books
    13.3 Television
    13.4 Radio
    14.5 Other Marketing Tools
    14. Naming Your Business
    15. What Do You Charge?
    16. Trade Shows & Conventions
    17. At Tax Time
    18. Conclusion
    19. Sample Inventory Control Sheet

    Barcode Scanner
    Bill Calculator
    Mortgage Calculator

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