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    CyberMark International Incorporated, founded in 1994, is an Internet advertising agency specializing in increasing client website visibility through various inside marketing techniques, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, and social media marketing. Founder Kimberly Judd-Pennie started in website sales and recognized a great need for bringing traffic to websites after they were developed. Since that time, CyberMark has grown considerably. CyberMark International, Inc., services small companies to large corporations and has numerous success stories. They have helped hundreds of companies achieve top 10 rankings on the major search engines.

    Search engine optimization and submission used to be easy. In the early days, if you were one of the few businesses with a site, there wasn't much else competing for your customers' attention. Now if you want to use your web site as a way to attract customers, you have to know how to play by the search engines' rules and optimization is the key.

    Doing search engine submission and just having a site isn't enough anymore – you have to get customers to find you. To do that, your web site has to use certain techniques and technologies that make search engines rank your site high on their results list when your customers do a search for your kind of business. That is called "search engine optimization."

    Increasing your search engine rankings is not that easy. With millions of web sites vying for your customer's attention, "search engine optimization" is the only reliable way to bring customers in through the internet. Sure, you can get customers to your web site through other kinds of expensive advertising and by handing out your cards, one by one.

    Search engine optimization and search engine submissions are half art and half science.

    There are some things well-known about how search engines operate and some things one learns after working at it for a long time. And there are some things that you know only by keeping up with the technology that changes almost by the day.

    For example, certain design and writing techniques influence where your web site will be ranked by a search engine, as does how and where you use certain key words. (Which keywords you use, how often, and where are all extremely important to your search engine rankings.) Some technologies used by web designers can seriously hurt your search engine rankings and search engine optimization, and you need to avoid those, no matter how cool they are.

    Then there are meta tags, and links, both of which can affect your ranking. Whether or not your site is even listed at all on some of the most popular search engines depends entirely on how your search engine submission is done and on knowing the rules for each search engine. All these tools are part of search engine optimization, which optimizes your site for higher search engine rankings.

    Unfortunately, it's not something you can learn by reading any search engine optimization article in a magazine.

    CyberMark specializes in search engine optimization. Unlike some providers, CyberMark International doesn't promise to do anything and everything related to your web site. Search engine optimization is such a technical and ever-changing field that it demands specialization. Because we specialize, we have been able to help hundreds of companies get top-10 rankings on the major search engines, exceeding their goals for business brought in through the internet.

    CyberMark focuses on your needs. There is no cookie-cutter path to search engine optimization. CyberMark International will customize a flexible marketing plan to meet your marketing goals and advertising budget, and to help make your business succeed and your search engine rankings soar.

    CyberMark has a record to be proud of. We've been in business since 1994 and hope you'll take a look at what our clients have to say. In today's environment, it can be hard to know who to trust.

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