Self Service Restaurant Demo




    Smart Tag Self Service Restaurant Demo is an Android demonstration application of AIOI Systems Company’s visible RFID smart tag (ST1020). In order to use this demo, you must have a Smart Tag. In this demo, Smart Tag is used to record and display the food items you ordered, as well as the total dollar amount and details of each item. Show the Smart Tag when making payment at the cashier’s desk. Return the Smart Tag (as a receipt) when your order is ready to pick up.

    How does Smart Tag work in a Self Service Restaurant?
    1. At the entrance of the restaurant, pick up a Smart Tag;
    2. Go to the food display area and browse the items, and prices. There are 2 Smart Tag reader/writers per each item, one for “placing an order” (R/W for Order), and one for” canceling an order” (R/W for Cancel).

    When you decide to order an item, place your Smart Tag close to the “R/W for Order”, touch and hold for about 5 seconds, the item you ordered will be added to the Smart Tag. When you finish ordering, go to the cashier’s desk and make payment.

    Note: Up to 5 different items can be ordered in this demo.

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