SGS Minimum Wage




    With SGS Minimum Wage, you can now access the most updated legal minimum wages information from any smartphone or tablet, wherever you are in the world. Featuring with GPS locating and push notification functions, you’ll be easily connected to the most updated information like regulation changes, news updates, promotional offers, etc.

    Application Features:

    - Complete and most updated legal minimum wages information
    Minimum wages information of different provinces and regions in China are now available in this version, minimum wages data of other countries will be available in future versions.

    - Instant Selection
    Wage information could be searched by country/ province/ city / wage level and updated date

    - GPS location
    Getting the minimum wage of your current location by GPS function automatically

    - Easy to use search interface
    Wage could be easily searched by inputting city name manually

    - Business news update
    Supply Chain Assessments & Solutions (SAS) related services: forums on food related topics, webinars/seminars, public training, special offers/ discounts, issues and concerns relating to global regulation changes and industry news.

    - News notification
    Enabling the function to receive message on most updated SAS related news and promotions automatically

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