Simple Affiliate Secrets Guide

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    Simple Affiliate Secrets Guide

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    In this report I am going to outline a few techniques that I use to really amp up my affiliate promotions.

    This isn't exactly a "how to make money with affiliate programs" report. It is more a "how to make MORE money with affiliate programs".

    So I assume you know what an affiliate program is and that you have been involved in promoting affiliate products before.

    As for where to find good affiliate products to promote? I usually go with for a few reasons.

    1) There are tons of different affiliate products to choose from.

    2) is a third party service, so you know you will be getting paid unlike a company who runs their own affiliate program.

    3) Many merchants at are paying 60-75% commissions PER SALE which is fantastic to us affiliates.

    You can of course use these ideas in this report to promote anything, and maybe you already have a program/opportunity in mind that you want to promote and that's fine.

    But if you are looking for new markets/products to promote, Clickbank is a good choice.