Simply Easier Acord One Forms




    SimplyEasierAcordForms - ACORD ONE mobile ACORD forms app lets you...

    1. Answer the forms questions on a mobile friendly screen
    2. Save partial or completed forms to your mobile device
    3. Sign - or have your customer sign - the forms with your finger or a stylus
    4. Create, Search, View, Edit, Email, Print forms from you mobile device
    5. Email the completed, signed form as a flattened PDF attachment
    6. Work with your forms from any location
    7. Work with your forms off-line – even if you are unable to connect to the internet, your forms are available to you
    8. Create, Search, View, Edit your customer profiles
    9. Search, View your customer policy information

    Today's professional needs to maximize their efficiency! ACORD One lets you do just that:

    The ACORD One app brings together mobile technology and the cloud to let you and your agents or members connect, communicate and interact.

    Mobile forms come alive by integrating features unique to tablets:

    1. Time/date/Calendar
    2. Camera
    3. Photo gallery
    4. Touch screens for signatures and diagrams
    5. Voice to Text
    6. Text to Voice

    You can get a digital signature on a tablet - better than an electronic signature. Then you can have the form automatically saved to Simply Easier ACORD Forms database for later use.

    Even though the world of computing is moving away from desktop and laptop personal computers, it is critical that the same data and forms are available regardless of the device that your agent is using.

    ACORD One uses the secure cloud to sync data and forms. What you see is the same no matter what device you use.

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