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Site Boss

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    Site Boss has been designed specifically for Site Supervisors or Staff who need to report back to the office, giving them the paper tools they need to complete daily paperwork on site.

    Site Diary
    Change Orders/Variations
    Meeting Minutes
    Request For Information
    Tender Request
    Purchase Order
    Site Instruction
    Toolbox Talk
    Extension of Time
    Backcharge Notice

    Paperwork on site is one of our most important tasks we need to complete on a daily basis, so Site Boss allows you to do this.
    Email back to the office your documents with ease.
    For further information, please take a look at or download Tradies which is the same, as Site Boss, but Tradies has Quote, Estimate, Invoice and Subcontract Agreements and allows you to send 10 emails before it will ask you to purchase.
    Turn your Android or Apple device into a tool and start using one or all of our apps today.
    Download Tradies from Google Play or App Store now for free and play with Tradies before you purchase.

    So, who needs our App?
    Our Apps are used by the sole operators right through to the multi nationals.
    Our Apps creates systems for those with out and aids those who have systems.
    Our Apps save you from returning to the office each day, stay out on site and get the job done
    Our Apps keep the office informed and up to date.

    We all hate doing paperwork, but thats the nature of our game, so
    Get your Paperwork done effortlessly with or without cell coverage, No mountain of paperwork to worry about anymore
    Take control of your site, free up more time for getting the job done.

    What are Contractors worldwide saying………
    “The Best app I’ve ever used… has made the daily operation of my business much easier and more productive"

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