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    Smart Inventory App II

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    Without pixelated images like Smart Inventory App I

    This application without pixelated images will be helpful to scan barcode and inventory management. Scan inventory with the built in barcode scanner or external bluetooth barcode scanner device like the Motorola CS3070, add name, location (GPS or manually) quantity and image. Store (backup) inventory files as XML or CSV.

    For reading 1/2 barcodes you've to install the Zxing Team barcode scanner (Available @ Android Market). For external barcode device you can use the Motorola CS307 bluetooth scanner.

    1. scan a barcode
    2. press view product details
    3. fill all fields, take a picture
    4. press product (Save product)
    9 return to scan barcode screen (back to main screen)
    5. press config
    6. Choose as export file CSV (or XML)
    7. Write down file name
    8. press save (Backup)
    10. view csv (or XML) file in the directory barcode (sd card)

    If you want to connect to an external bluetooth barcode device: Use the Android bluetooth setup. If paired correctly the barcode data will shown there where the cursor is blinking.

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