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Smart Investment Training. MBA

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    This app is released by Learning To-Go, an interactive educational system incorporating text, flashcards and tests into one complete learning app.

    Every Investor needs a Mentor

    Invest-Mentor gives you the information and tools to make you a smarter, savvier investor. Invest-Mentor builds a foundation for success by systematically guiding you through the various types of investments, the risks associated with each and strategies for allocating and diversifying your portfolio. Integrating a full course book, interactive flashcards and comprehensive tests, Invest-Mentor is a complete Mobile Learning solution for the complete investor.

    *Getting Started as an Investor
    *Financial Markets and Investment Process
    *Risk and Return
    *Fundamental Analysis
    *Technical Analysis
    *Common and Preferred Stocks
    *How Much are You Willing to Pay for a Common Stock?
    *Fixed Income Securities
    *Investing in Options
    *Futures Contracts
    *Global Investing
    *Tax-Advantaged Investments
    *Mutual Funds
    *Diversification, Portfolio Construction, Asset Allocation

    *Full-Text Course Book
    *Interactive Flashcards
    *Comprehensive Chapter-Level Tests
    *Detailed Explanations of Right and Wrong Answers
    *No Internet Connection Required

    Invest-Mentor is developed by market leader ComboApp , based on the work of Professor and best-selling author Dr. Jae K. Shim.

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