Smart Tag Restaurant Demo




    Smart Tag Restaurant Demo is an Android demonstration application of AIOI Systems Company’s visible RFID smart tag (ST1020). In order to use this demo, you must have a Smart Tag. In this demo, Smart Tag is used to record and display the dish items you ordered, as well as the total dollar amount and item details.

    How do you use Smart Tag in the Restaurant?
    Each table has a smart tag. When the customer decides which items to order, a waiter/waitress will be there to take the orders using an Android mobile device. The Menu Display Screen shows the item list with image, price on it, radio buttons allows you to choose up to 4 same items. After the items and the quantities are chosen, simply touch the Android device with the smart tag, hold about 4 seconds. Total amount and item details will be displayed on the e-paper display of the tag.

    Note: Up to 5 different items can be ordered in this demo.

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