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    Fuel Efficiency application for professional drivers. SmartDrive provides you a personalized tool for significantly improving fuel economy and tracking progress in meeting fleet consumption targets.

    Studies have shown that you can save up to 33% of your vehicle’s fuel consumption by following best driving practices that focus on eliminating hard driving maneuvers, excessive speeding and over-idling¹.

    Our tool gives you a graphical dashboard of your fuel economy (in MPG) and clearly lists the performance targets you are aiming to meet. From the homepage you can drill down to the specific hard maneuvers and vehicle operations that are impacting your fuel economy and even see where they occurred on a fully functioning map.

    SmartDrive provides a fuel score and a ranking based on the percentage of the fuel consumption target that has been reached. If allowed by your management, you can view a leaderboard of site and company drivers by their fuel score to see where you place amongst your peers.

    You will also be awarded trophies for fuel performance you achieve which can be seen in your own trophy case and you can also receive badges for viewing training videos, regularly using the tool and working through all its functions.

    - Check your MPG daily
    - Track your performance against fleet MPG target
    - Get a summary of the driving maneuvers and operations where you can increase MPG
    - View fuel information by vehicle type or use
    - See where you rank in the site or company
    - View your trophy case of awards received for top performance
    - Collect badges for full and frequent use of the app

    Notes: This app should not be used while driving a vehicle. Your iPhone’s Location Services are not used or needed for the SmartDrive app.

    ¹The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute 2011

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