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    2ns annual conference
    Social Media Revolution
    15.11-16.11.2012, Moscow, Russia

    The past year has proven that social media is a unique and powerful medium connecting brands and people, issues and ideas, ultimately connecting You to Them. Who would have thought that a single tweet from the American Red Cross could create a viral campaign that not only increased blood donations, but also helped sell beer? Or that domino’s pizza could have £2.5m from it’s facebook page in a single promotion? But beware, for every success story, there are many failures and costly blunders. One need look no further than Kenneth Cole trying to piggyback the Egyptian revolution…that was epic…or Qantas airlines online promotion get hijacked by angry customers culminating in a youtube parody.

    Look, Social Media is not a toy, it's not a fashion trend, and it’s not a bubble that will burst anytime soon. It is a powerful channel of influence. Social media is not only a tool for communication and entertainment, but also plays an important role in the success of your enterprise, enabling more effective management of business processes, promoting open, transparent communication with customers and partners, and is an avenue that, if used well, can open new markets and drill deeper into the markets where you already exist. . Social media is fast becoming, everything, all at once, and it has the potential to be a game changer every minute of every day.

    Previously, experts talked about the social media revolution. Today, we are learning the lessons from the revolution and finding out that it is in its infancy. In 2011 Russia took first place in Europe in the number of Internet users * (* SomScore) proving once again that the market for social media is developing dynamically and exponentially. Users are not only growing in number, but also the number of hours spent on line interacting with brands and with each other, sharing opinions, success stories and more often, complaining. All this points to an obvious need for organizations to establish standards reflecting the value of their brands, and understanding that if things go wrong, it’s your brand value at stake, not theirs.

    MSB Еvents will gather the leading companies to discuss role of social media for business, new business rules, innovative content management, minimizing reputational risk and effective crisis response strategies.
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