Soft Estimator

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    The Soft Estimator uses algorithms that are based on the historical drivers for software development costs along with data from a library of projects.

    It's design is for high level "rough order of magnitude" estimates only. It is to be used at your own risk. The tool was designed because of several real life scenarios that I often faced as a manager of software development such as:

    - At the beginning of the budget year and I had far too many projects for the budget that I was given. I did not want to run out of money toward the end so I needed quick estimates at the beginning.
    - When I needed to know if a proposed project was even remotely able to be completed by the end of the fiscal year?
    - Many times when a budget decision was needed "yesterday" and we just didn't have time to do a full requirements and scope analysis.
    - I had several projects and needed to know which should be done first to capture the best ROI before any funds were expended.

    The tool has been an asset to me and my organizations and I am confident that it will help you and yours as well. We should not be making SWAGs when there are tools such as Soft Estimator.