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    Make your products available in a dedicated m-commerce shop on any Android device. Let your customers browse or search across your product portfolio via SpeedSale for Android. You will be able to sort your products into categories as well as display pictures of the products in the application. SpeedSale lends itself to quick order entry by customers who might not have access to a computer, or as a complementary means of placing orders. It will also allow you to use the app for placing orders for your customers. We are certain this will be quicker than using your current system!

    SpeedSale for Android is an m-commerce application tailored for Smartphones and Tablets, and as such order entry is built around the benefits and constraints of this platform. SpeedSale for Android is supported by SpeedSale Cloud; an application that contains products, pricing and customer information, as well as order and invoice data.

    When you download SpeedSale for Android you will have access to a demo database in SpeedSale Cloud. The demo company will show you how the app behaves if you are an external user, if you wish to see the app as if you are an internal user please change the username and password to int/int under the settings menu.

    •SpeedSale is intuitive and easy to use with an attractive interface.
    •Supports pictures, descriptive text and various sales units.
    •Let your customers place orders quickly and easily across the products that you have made available in SpeedSale for Android.
    •The product functions even when your customers are offline, allowing them to do everything but send orders, this will happen once connectivity is restored.
    •Will give your customers access to their latest orders including a confirmation with the order number and order value from SpeedSale Cloud.
    •Your customers can copy an old order to active order and then edit quantities and products. This is a great feature if you have lots of repeat buys.
    •Supports your pricing needs with different discount options, including multiple price lists.
    •You can use SpeedSale to place your customer orders. It is a super quick way of getting orders in and you do not need to sit in front of a computer.
    •SpeedSale is easily deployed as all data can be uploaded and downloaded from Excel, efficiently supporting item and customer maintenance.

    If you download SpeedSale to assess the product you can use the included data base that contains fruit and vegetables. If you want to populate SpeedSale with your products you need a license for SpeedSale Cloud. Please contact SpeedSolutions to organise that.

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