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    Innovations in Shared Services
    12-14.12.2012, Prague, Czech Republic

    Analising the existing Russian, CIS and European Shared Service Center model.

    Also featuring a casual networking excursion in the heart of Prague where the Christmas atmosphere will add a special touch and create a truly unique experience.

    This MSB Business Event will feature the leading players in Shared Services from both Russia/CIS and Europe. We will focus on existing systems, current technologies and approaches, and will dedicate a substantial portion of time to emerging trends, and technologies. Attendees will meet leading Shared Services Architects, Managers and Directors of companies deploying successful SSCs from the largest companies in Europe, Russia and CIS countries.

    An active networking trip is planned to visit the Shared Service Center of a leading company located here in Prague. The group will conduct comparative analysis of models of common centers focused on different aspects and will discuss innovative methods in the management of the center, its optimization and efficiency improvements.

    In addition to the engaging agenda and hands-on visit to the SSC, you will be hosted in one of the most luxurious hotels in the center of the Old Town in Prague. MSB is creating an atmosphere focused on a comfortable interaction with your peers to exchange views, ideas, plans and networking.

    Finally, attendees will be treated to a Christmas tradition in Prague, a tour through the Old Town with a visit to the Christmas Market. You will enjoy a guided walk through the winding streets of Prague, and be enchanted by the sights and sounds of Prague at Christmas. The traditional market will delight you with crafts, food, and drink. We will stop along the way for bites to eat and for mulled wine. With any luck, we will have some snow too!

    This event will give an opportunity to:
    - Summarize the achievements of 2012 - Track the latest trends in SSC management
    - Visit shared services centers, to understand, hands-on the construction and organization, filing and organizational structure of the working space
    - Engage directly with leading innovators of the SSC concept
    - Conduct a comparative analysis of models of different types of centers, from different industries and regions
    - Discuss the advantages of locating SSCs in different regions and countries
    - Meet with colleagues, managers of centers from different countries
    - Share aspirations and exciting ideas
    - Build a successful plan for the future

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