StatWatch® from DRB Systems®

    A secure and dynamic overview of key carwash data presented to you wherever you are!

    Available at no charge to DRB Systems SiteWatch® support group members, StatWatch provides constant and secure up-to-the-moment updates of key sales and labor stats from your SiteWatch point of sale system through your Android phone (tablet devices not currently supported). Statistics are presented in easy-to-read formats with user-friendly intuitive navigation and color graphics.

    *Easy monitoring of your SiteWatch operation remotely.

    *At-a-glance comparisons between sites, as well as hour-to-hour and day-to-day comparisons.

    *Detailed daily historical car count and sales data for the Wash profit center in the Almanac.

    *Integrated weather tracking, including a 5-day forecast from AccuWeather®.

    *See what employees are working and available at any time, along with their hours worked for the day and week.

    *Tap-to-call allows you to call or text employees right from the employee listings.

    *Compare data between different sites or different time periods.

    *Monitor the tunnel status of any sites running the TunnelWatch® for Windows tunnel control software.

    *No charge to SiteWatch support group members!

    Note: StatWatch requires a server process that runs on your SiteWatch Server. Visit to get started!

    StatWatch for Android requires Android version 2.1 or above and works best on devices with a screen resolution of 480x800 (WVGA800) or 480x854 (WVGA854).

    Devices with lower resolution screens may run StatWatch for Android but is not recommended or formally supported.

    Revision History:
    If you have any problems, notify

    - Red-Zone Alerts help you manage your labor with new notifications.
    - Support for additional security levels allows fine-tuned access to your organization's data.
    - General stability and usability enhancements.

    - Push alerts for employees approaching overtime and TunnelWatch system messages (log on to web site to configure)
    - Multi-Site features for chains
    - Custom start of sales week (log on to web site to configure)

    - An algorithm computes a projected car count for the day and displays it on the Currently screen
    - The Lube profit center is now supported in the Almanac
    - A default profit center can be selected

    - Car counts and pace in the site selector follow the profit center selection.
    - New IndustryWatch® graph in Almanac compares your site's performance with the wider car wash industry or region.
    - Added ability to expand Labor Roles to show employees working in Site/ARM.
    - Added expandable All Employees to Labor Role list in Site/ARM.

    - Stats can now optionally include “Total Sales $” in place of either “Sales $/Car” or “Extra $/Car”.
    - “vs. Previous” comparisons can now be either “Period To Date” or “Complete Period”.
    - Toggle between Employees Working and Employees Available on the Currently page.
    - “Tap to Call Employee” has a new option to text available employees.
    - All/Paid profit center was renamed to Site/ARM.
    - The Site/ARM profit center on the Currently page includes Sales by Profit Center, Automatic Recharge Module® (ARM®) Statistics, and Labor by Employee Role sections.
    - Added Conveyor Speed button and TunnelWatch stats screen.
    - New comparison options and updated graph on Compare screen.
    - Whole new "Almanac" tab is added with the following sections:
    - Open/Closed Status and Notes for selected date.
    - Car count for selected day with Wash Cars by Hour graph.
    - Perspective for selected day with 365 Day Histogram graph and Percentile ranking.
    - Observed and forecasted weather for selected date.
    - In History stats showing month and year to date comparisons for the current and past year.
    - Month At A Glance showing car counts, weather, and monthly summary of car count, days open, and total precipitation.

    - Initial Android release

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