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    SuperStore is the standard version of the the three related applications SuperStore LT a demo, and the much more advanced SuperStore Pro.

    SuperStore is a point of sale system that can do many things among them are...

    - Store up to 100 user created menu items.
    - Processes petty sales or combine sales with menu items.
    - Allows the user to add or remove sales tax quickly, or change sales tax to any amount.
    - Shows completed sales, inventory, or total sales reports.
    - Sorts sales by sale date
    - Saves all sortable reports to SD card.
    - Uses PayPal to securely and inexpensively process credit card transactions.
    - Can manually enter CC information or use Paypal to take picture of credit card.
    - Sends receipts and/or invoices to customers at your convenience.
    - Offers easy help on every page with one push of the 'SuperStore' icon.

    - Airhawk Vending Mobile Solutions does not charge any fee whatsoever for sale s transactions associated with SuperStore..
    - If you enable Paypal in the application then Paypal charges 2.7% of the sale for each swiped credit card transaction.