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    SureFox uses Android Device Administrator permission for advanced lockdown features.

    SureFox is a lockdown browser you can use for controlling what web sites your users can browse on Android tablets and smartphones. This can be very useful if you want to deploy Android tablets in public areas such as restaurants, cabs, trade shows, conferences, libraries, schools, hospital waiting lounges, field force etc and you want to ensure that the users can only access allowed website and nothing else on the tablets.

    Now remotely manage SureFox settings on large number of devices using remote device management

    Key Features:
    * Kiosk mode secure browser for Android Tablets and Smartphones
    * Restrict users to browse only selected websites
    * Private Browsing Option (session, cookies, cache data are not stored)
    * Enable/Disable Zoom feature
    * Show/Hide Title bar
    * Reload page on user inactivity or idle timeout
    * Option to disable auto suspend feature (Keep device always powered ON)
    * Schedule device sleep and wakeup (Saves power and screen)
    * Custom Error Pages
    * Lock screen orientation to Landscape, Portrait or other modes
    * Tabbed browsing
    * Configurable context or shortcut menu with browser commands
    * Extended JavaScript APIs offered by SureFox
    * Rapidly deploy or modify SureFox configuration on large number of devices over the air using http url, cloud service or SureMDM (
    * Built-in File download manager
    * Create Categories of URLs on home page for easier navigation
    * Hide Bottom bar and notification panel on Samsung devices 4.2.2 and rooted devices with Android 3.0 and above.
    * Password protected access to browser settings
    * Browse local web pages on the device
    * Fullscreen mode
    * HTML5 Support
    * Screensaver (Display image or system wallpaper as screensaver)
    * Flash Support till Android 4.3
    * Complete device Lockdown preventing users from accessing any other apps or settings (Pro Version)

    SureFox Licensing Options
    SureFox Basic license: Enables feature to allow users to access only whitelisted websites. But the user can also access and launch other apps on the device. This license is useful when used in conjunction with our SureLock product.
    SureFox Pro License: Enables full lockdown of the device so that the users can access only whitelisted websites and nothing else on the device. Access to other apps is completely blocked (Kiosk Mode). User cannot quit SureFox. Even rebooting the device does not quit SureFox. It starts automatically after the reboot.

    Note: Free version has some limitations but you can try both Basic and Pro version features. Purchase a Basic or Pro license to activate full version functionality. In case of any questions or issues please contact us at

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