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    Create and conduct surveys for FREE.

    Survey player allows you to conduct your own surveys. Surveys are created using the Survey Team Manager or directly in XML format. Once the survey is loaded it can be conducted, each answer is stored. The results of the survey can be exported in CSV format, this can be used directly in Excel or imported in a database.

    There are different types of question, these can be seen in the sample survey. Questions can be mandatory, you can skip to another question depending on the answer to the current question.

    Here is a quick summary of the commands.

    Load : Loads a new survey.
    Conduct : Conducts the currently selected survey
    Stats : Exports the results of the selected survey in CSV format.
    Quit :Quits the survey player.

    While conducting the survey the following controls can be used.
    Next : Move to the next question.
    Skip : Skip the current question, this will only work if the current question is not mandatory.
    Quit : Quits the current survey without saving.

    You can get the survey team manager application from here

    Any feedback is more than welcome.

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