Introducing Syncface
    Experience a new front-end interface to's Sales Cloud2 CRM solution. New technologies such as Sales Cloud2 allow your business to successfully manage your sales operations and customer relations. Combine that technology with Smartphones and you have a mobile vehicle for accessing your critical data anytime, anywhere. Our company, Technoface Corporation, is furthering this advancement. We are proud to release the Android-based Syncface client for securely connecting in real-time to the Sales Cloud2 environment and synchronizing the critical sales data that your business needs - right when you need it most.

    > Develop and Realize New Business Opportunities
    Keep your sales team informed about new business opportunities and pressing sales tasks. A sales professional wielding a Smartphone loaded with Syncface will be agile and informed with the newest information. This will ensure your sales team will be ready to win over any new business opportunity.

    > Change The Way You Do Business
    Save precious time by using Syncface to update your daily schedule, out-of-office status, and even submit sales reports while you're on the go. Reduce overtime hours and create new value for your sales operation.

    > Capture This Ideal Mobile Sales Solution
    Viewing Sales Cloud2 content in a small browser can be very frustrating and time consuming. Try out Syncface's optimized screens and quick access to the data you need when you need it.

    > Quickly Access And Secure Your Downloads
    Sales Cloud2 data is downloaded to the Syncface client where your sales professional can quickly view and edit critical datasets. Data synchronization with the Sales Cloud2 server can be accomplished anywhere automatically, manually, or on a schedule. After a successful download your data will be locally accessible even when out of cellular tower range. Syncface downloads are secured with the newest encryption integrity (AES256) via SQLCipher technology. Syncface is also packed with an automatic logout feature for increasing physical security.

    > Experience The Merits Of Android
    Lightweight Syncface instantly boots to a large, high-resolution screen ready for use. Syncface users can browse Sales Cloud2 data by simply tapping and flicking your Smartphone screens for a user-friendly experience. Syncface has proven to be quicker and more accessible than using a browser when accessing the same data. Once Syncface has fully booted, Synface also conveniently links up with standard Android applications include the Map for address lookups, the Mail app for your email address list, the Browser for website viewing, and immediate Phone/SMS access.

    > Jumpstart The Syncface Synchronization Engine
    With Syncface you can begin synchronizing your Sales Cloud2 data right away. The Syncface synchronization engine is built firmly around SOQL which allows a user to specify a data synchronization range. Users have full control of Sales Cloud2 objects including object layouts, tabs, icons, custom objects and custom fields. After the initial data-sync, Syncface optimizes synchronization completion times by smartly calculating incremental data changes and only synchronizing updated datasets. The robust Syncface synchronization engine was specially designed from the bottom up by Technoface engineers to ensure sound and secure data synchronization.

    > Full Version License
    Gain full access to all Syncface functions by purchasing the full version at a low monthly service fee of 2,100JPY (tax inc.)
    For those interested in testdriving Syncface, please have a look at our free version. The free version has limited functionality, but provides an outstanding overview of Syncface capabilities.
    - Cost savings begin when 5 or more licenses are purchased at one time.
    - Purchasing 1-9 user licenses will provide a 12-month service contract term.
    - Purchasing 10 or more user licenses will provide an optional 6-month service contract term.

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