Synergy Projects Ltd.




    Based in Edmonton, we’re a full-service construction firm that builds on experience and knows every last detail of your project matters. Whether it’s a new multi-million dollar development or a renovation, Synergy Projects brings sophisticated processes and superior quality to your build. That’s how Synergy builds better.

    We customize the components of our Synergy System to meet the needs of your specific project. You’ll quickly discover the positive difference accurate cost estimates, focused project management, thorough warranty service, certified quality assurance and an experienced build team can make. We know that every detail of your build matters and nothing is ever routine or insignificant. That’s how Synergy builds better.

    Build Better with the Synergy System - With its five pillars of success, the Synergy System was specifically designed by our team to ensure all aspects of your project are well managed, detailed, timely and protected by warranty.
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