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    This application is a VoIP application. So please check your network settings and make sure internet connection is available. If the network is not available then the application may exit after showing a message or just show connecting with server. in both cases please stop the application check your network connection and start it again.
    To register this application you must set the correct Operator code at the first time you run the application and correct username and password from the setting menu. You can collect all of these from your service provider. To get

    Thanks to all of our user for their helpful feedback. In new versions we tried to make this application more flexible, efficient and good looking. As there are so many changes in 2.13 version so there were some problems. We tried to fix most of these and will always try to update you with a a better version whenever we find any new problem. In the meantime thanks for being with us. Following is the changes in series update.
    changes in 2.13
    1. new interactive GUI.
    2. custom phonebook with better options.
    3. speakerphone, mute, bluetooth options. speaker phone is available after android 3.0 and bluetooth is available after android 2.3.
    4. better voice quality, reduces echo and noise problems.
    5. catagorized call log is added.
    6. mobile topup is added.
    7. dynamic option menus. now you can see only the options that your porvider supports. N.B. sms topup options are not supported by all providers.
    8. integration with native dialer.
    9. while in background or in lockcreen the problem of incoming call is solved.
    10. rbt related improvements.
    11. previous bugs and crashing problems are fixed.

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