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    We offer a custom implementation of timer used for Pomodoro Technique time management approach invented by Francesco Cirillo. This application is recommended for usage on smartphones and has a tween-brother named “The Pomodoro Technique Tablets” for tablet-size devices.
    Please notice: when you click "Yes!" after session end application will go to background (close) and restart after long pause (can be set in settings). This is not a bug, this is how it suppose to be!
    The application is easy to use, supplied with nice graphic and sound elements.

    Advantages which you will get using this technique (with our tool, for sure ;) ):
    1/ Good planning -- you choose most priority tasks, estimate time which could be spent to solve this particular tasks, set up the tool and simply work “in the thread state” - Pomodoro Technique Handset will warn you on time portion (so-called “pomodoro”) is up to the with alarm, ask if you want to do next run end etc. etc..
    2/ You control all work aspects and track how much time is spent in your tasks.
    3/ Your diligence increasing, you become more concentrated.
    4/ The technique can be used as kind of timing - at the end of the day you have an information you can analyze and become even more productive.
    5/ With daily statistics at the end of working day you will be able to clarify ways of improvement for the next day.

    Try it and you will like it!

    PS: For platforms less than v2.3 the application has a little bit different workflow: Pomodoro Technique Handset, installed on these platforms, does not allow to repeat working circle with predefined settings after a long pause (sorry for this – this is caused by technical limitation).

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