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    TigerText Pro - HIPAAText's review

    Published: 2011-05-30, by Peter Warrior.

    Tigertext sends free text messages that delete themselves after a specified amount of time.

    • Originality and usefulness
    • Encryption and security features
    • Cross platform.
    • App must be installed on all devices

    "This message will self-destruct in five, four, three"

    This application shows that some people have good ideas and imagination. Tigertext sends messages with an expiration date. When the countdown reaches zero, the message is erased both from the sender and the receiver mobiles. We are confident that you can imagine a thousand uses for this app, from simply pretending to be secret agents or spies, to send messages to your lover knowing that his or her partner won't be able read to read them when he or she snoops the mobile.

    The first thing you should do when you send a message is to decide how long it will "live". Choose from "delete on read" (60 seconds!) to a month. When the given time is done, that message is once and for all deleted from both users' devices. If there were pictures attached, they are deleted too.

    There is a message status screen that shows you when a text message has been received, opened and expired.

    It is important not to forget that both users must have the application installed so that the trick works.

    Since TigerText uses the data connection on your phone, messages sent through this app are free, even international ones. Finally, TigerText is cross-platform, which is always welcome.

    TigerTextPRO add some security features that the free version hasn't. For example, you can encrypt your messages, these are longer (500 characters) and there is remote data wipe system, just in case a devise is stolen or an unauthorized access is reported.

    This app is intended for large groups or companies. If that isn't the case and you don't need encryptioned messages or any other ultra-security feature, check TigerText Free, the other successful TigerText app.

    Absolutely recommended to those interested.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    May 30, 2011


    To get the latest TigerText functionality on your device, search the Google Play store for TigerText and select the red ‘tt’ app icon.

    TigerTextPRO (3.x) has been updated to meet all Android requirements, but the latest TigerText mobile functionality is available only in the TigerText 4.x app with the red ‘tt’ icon.

    Built for the enterprise, TigerText℠ lets you send secure, encrypted text messages and files that permanently disappear from phone company servers and devices, keeping sensitive information safe.

    TigerTextPRO is currently certified to work in the U.S. and Canada. While users in other countries may download and use the app for free, TigerText access may be inconsistent outside the U.S. and Canada.

    Someone could find a way to video capture TigerText, take a screenshot, snap a chat, or take a photo of the phone. TigerText cannot promise that your messages will not be copied by some alternative means.

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