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    I am a… Christian, Patriot, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Coach and Author.

    Only a fraction of the population sets goals, has a plan to achieve them, and is held accountable to reaching them. As a life coach, that’s my business in a nutshell. For 20 years, I’ve tightly concentrated my energies in determining what makes people tick, in what separates the super successful from the successful. In my coaching practice, known as The 1% Club, I equip successful entrepreneurs and ambitious business leaders with the focusing strategies and planning tools necessary to lead a balanced, significant, and impactful life. I especially enjoy the opportunity I get to help America’s top producers win at home as much as they do at work. You will quickly figure out that I am passionate about developing the whole person. And, you’ll also notice that I work hard to make sure that you leave with a clear plan for “what to do next” whether on the home front or at work.

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