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    This software is available only to customers Trageo (More information on

    Technological mastery of Oktalogic pushes the limits of current applications by allowing real-time visualization of an entire fleet of vehicles. TragéoMobile ® unwinding the film activity in real time for all vehicles.
    This process offers ease of use ever for fleet tracking solutions, with automatic refresh of the positions of all vehicles every 30 seconds.

    Easy to use, thanks to a user-friendly navigation TrageoMobile offers:

    ***** ***** VEHICLE
    - The tracking of your vehicles in real time.
    - Overview of the fleet on the world map.
    - Vehicle Information: departure date, starting address, current address, speed ...

    ***** HISTORY *****
    - Trace the path of your vehicle!

    ***** ***** MESSAGE
    - Send messages from your phone on the screen located in the vehicle.

    ***** ***** TRACKING
    This feature allows you to monitor a vehicle's position and display your position. The card is automatically refocused on the two positions.

    EVENTS ***** *****
    - Reception of events / alerts in real time! Active when the application is background.
    - Reading of events / alerts received in the day.

    /! \ Application phase of Beta.

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