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    Truckfile’s safety check system is a new replacement for the manual inspection process with an electronic method that is not only easy to use, but alleviate errors and inefficiencies associated with paper inspections.

    Implementing and using Truckfile’s Safety Check system is as simple as scan, inspect, transmit and track. QR (quick reference) bar codes are placed on the vehicle at critical inspection points. These weather resistant label tags contain information about the their position on the vehicle, components to be inspected, the vehicle and the user.

    Using a hand held reader, an android phone/tablet pad, an iphone/ipod/ipad or a Windows device drivers conduct their inspections by scanning in their unique QR code then identifying the vehicle by scanning the vehicle QR tag. The inspections are conducted by placing the hand held reader in close proximity to the tag. The device will read the tag and display the appropriate checks to be completed at the inspection point. With simple tap screen responses the inspection is completed. When defects are discovered, the driver selects the defect description from a pre defined list and indicates whether or not the vehicle is safe to operate with the noted defect.

    When the inspection is complete the information is transmitted to Truckfile. Truckfile is a secure data base that can be accessed by an authorised user from any web browser.

    Defects are reported immediately through to the responsible supervisor via email. A full history of each check is kept on the vehicles Truckfile record and chosen workshops can be alerted automatically to the need for any repair. A weeks worth of checks are kept for reference on the hand held reader.

    The Truckfile system records the complete cycle of check, defect reporting and rectification in line with VOSA recommendations. VOSA have authorised the use of digital devices for the drivers walk around check.

    If you wish to try out the application before contacting us for more information then please enter the following URL in your browser

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