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    Powered by UBIX, ubiDialer is a new and innovative application that allows you to make long distance calls from your android without calling cards, dialing access numbers or PINs.


    - Make inexpensive long distance calls from your android, even while you travel across Canada.
    - Low cost, flexible plans and no term commitment- Call anywhere in Canada/U.S. for just 3.5¢/minute or less and over 190 countries at up to 96% savings!
    - Fast and Easy to use- Make calls straight from you address book, favorites, call history, or keypad!
    - No more purchasing calling cards, expensive long distance packages, or manually dialing access numbers and PINs.

    Why ubiDialer?

    - No need to switch your carrier
    - Call any time, anywhere
    - Choose from two calling methods (direct and callback) that allow you to save on local airtime as well as long distance
    - Access numbers available for Canada and U.S. cities to switch to while traveling
    - Call quality of a regular landline

    How does it work?

    Open 'ubix' App and then simply dial any destination and ubiDialer will identify your number and seamlessly process the call. You can also place calls directly from your Contacts, History, Speed Dial List, etc.

    You must register for an account to start making calls. Please visit to register and find detailed information on ubiDialer such as user guide and rates.

    UBIX Communications is a CRTC “Class A” Licensed telecommunications operator located in Toronto, Canada. Please visit us at for more information.

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