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    VESTRO revolutionizes contacts management.

    ***REQUIRES ANDROID V4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)***

    Designed for B2B Sales Reps and other professionals reliant on strong personal networks, VESTRO helps you to measure, manage and grow your business connections just like you do your other assets.

    VESTRO is FREE for an introductory period.

    Why do I need VESTRO?

    -Increase your personal influence and win more sales.
    -Your Personal Brand (your reputation) is 'out there', defined by what people say about you. Take control by building connections that build your brand.
    -Measure and manage the value of your network.
    -Demonstrate the value of your network (ace performance reviews and job interviews).
    -Manage your connections as a business asset.
    -Transform your phone contact 'cards' into a network of people, roles and organizations.
    -Identify and nurture your most critical relationships.
    -Never fall out of touch with a valuable connection.

    ***How it Works***

    -Imports your device contacts.
    -Transforms 'flat file' phone/tab contacts into an interconnected network of People, Roles (Jobs) and Organizations.
    -Assess your Relationship Traction (TM) with any connection.
    -Coaching tips to build partnership(a.k.a Trusted Advisor) relationships.
    -Call Planning.
    -Reminders when contact with critical connections is due.
    -Link Contacts to their Linked in profiles for quick access.
    -Highlights your most important connections.
    -Identify most at-risk connections.
    -Contacts histories (who worked where).
    -Eliminates duplication e.g link people to multiple current and previous job positions.

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